New Legacy Generation supports clients in the creation of lasting and personal legacies for themselves and successive generations. Our advice enables clients to implement impactful giving strategies in accordance with family values and aspirations. Our services cover the range of charitable advice including, the formulation of gifting policies, establishment and performance review of foundations and charitable trusts, as well as operational guidance and development strategies. Moreover, we construct effective governance structures to support efficient and considered giving.

Philanthropists consider the causes most important to them and seek to effect real change. Whether considering a charitable donation or establishing a foundation, the journey is personal. New Legacy Generation provides a full suite of philanthropic advisory services which serve to facilitate our clients’ charitable goals, returns and investment impact. We encourage building strong relationships with charities and social enterprises, as well as with like-minded philanthropists, to support group giving and learning. 

To preserve our clients’ values and ideals, we engage the next generation or the inheritors of wealth in the giving strategy.

Our philanthropic services include:

  • Identifying ambitions and interests
  • Defining values to create a ‘giving’ strategy and charter
  • Clarifying success and quantifying deliverables and impact required
  • Constructing rigorous legal and tax structures
  • Clarifying funding options
  • Coordinating professional advisors and vetting proposals
  • Agreeing governance for the portfolio and gifting strategy
  • Developing knowledge and skills
  • Educating the next generation or the inheritors of wealth