New Legacy Generation offers a full range of services focused on the facilitation and enhancement of clients’ specific lifestyle activities, driven by their passions. These services include sourcing, finance, and management of lifestyle assets and coordination of global insurance cover, as well as relevant legal and tax advice. We provide our clients with access to a full security service, including personal security staff, surveillance and procedures for personal, business, cyber and asset security. Our clients appreciate mobility and simplicity; therefore, we offer a complete immigration and relocation service, educational guidance, staff recruitment and access to global healthcare providers.

We understand the easy flow and vulnerability of information and personal data in cyberspace. As a result, we design, create and maintain effective image management solutions to ensure a consistently optimal message or presence in the media. Moreover, we provide regular analysis and corrective strategies, when required.

We understand the significance of the value of clients’ lifestyle assets relative to their total wealth, and include these assets in the overall wealth management strategy. These assets often reflect our clients’ diverse passions, interests and hobbies.

Our clients appreciate security and confidence in the procurement of their lifestyle assets; therefore, we plan methodically, implement wisely and provide lasting solutions that include the administration of legal, tax and structuring advice.

We simplify and manage the entire range of lifestyle assets, enhancing the enjoyment and satisfaction of these investments of passion. 

Lifestyle services:

  • Transact and manage property holdings
  • Identify, transact and manage collectibles including: watches, wine, classic cars, antiques, private jet and yacht charter and ownership
  • Coordinate comprehensive global insurance policies
  • Provide relocation and logistics services
  • Manage immigration
  • Supervise guidance on education
  • Design and implement image and reputation management plans
  • Facilitate access to global healthcare providers and guidance to well-being