Governance and Succession Planning

Governance applies to all decision making, processes, businesses, charitable endeavours, investment strategies and legacy planning, and provides the basis for trust and the building blocks for long-lasting shared values. New Legacy Generation provides comprehensive governance and succession planning services to individuals and institutions. We guide our clients on structuring strong governance and succession plans for the continuation of family and business aspirations. In addition, we mentor the next generation or the business successors in the take-over and succession of business interests, and the transition of control. 

Our relationship focuses on understanding our clients’ fears, concerns and aspirations, without judgement, and through an interactive process, recognising perspectives and levels of comfort. We construct operational and legal structures in order to create an effective system of joint decision making, as well as a solid future investment plan. With enhanced understanding and communication our clients are able to create a shared vision, mission and purpose that inspires and engages the family or institution as a whole; thereby improving the clarity and understanding that will enable it to survive over time.

Effective governance empowers individuals to make the most of their family’s unique strengths, and use synergies to build a stronger, unified and well-run family unit. The role each member plays will define the future success of the family and will provide a platform for the next generation to take control. 

We fortify the roots of our clients’ governance strategies so they can develop and flourish in an unpredictable future.

Our governance and succession planning services include:

  • Conducting a family audit
  • Transitioning wealth successfully to future generations
  • Preparing family governance plans 
  • Successfully integrating new members to the family
  • Keeping the family’s entrepreneurial spirit alive
  • Investing and diversifying assets with confidence and support from the entire family unit