Art Advisory

Over and above its emotive and subjective appeal, art is an uncorrelated asset class with strong fundamentals, and therefore maintains a prominent position in investment management and alternative portfolio diversification. New Legacy Generation facilitates the acquisition, management, preservation and sale of art assets for its clients. We provide expert advice on the inclusion of art in custom client portfolios, and assist with collecting, estate and foundation planning, auction house and gallery or museum interfacing. To manage and preserve art assets, we arrange financing, appraising and cataloguing art, as well as, collection management, shipping and insurance. Additionally, we provide exclusive access to art fairs, museums, foundations and artist or designer studios.

Our network of global art advisors, and our in-house art experts, provide insight to the art market, and education on the variety of art styles, media, genres and works of importance and notoriety. The scope of our expertise spans a wide array of art styles and schools, from Old Masters and Impressionism through to Contemporary art works. We offer advice in developed and emerging markets including China, India and the Middle East.

Where necessary, New Legacy Generation can offer suitable guidance on art patronage for the enhancement of art assets and family legacy, as well as structure the transfer of art assets for future generations.

Evaluation and Transaction Services

We provide relevant advice and effective strategies to guide our clients through the complexities of the art world and understand the various market cycles:

  • Market intelligence and current events
  • Research, evaluation and appraisal of art works
  • Facilitation and sourcing of acquisitions, as well as negotiating transactions
  • Protection of art investments for future generations or to maximise future sales
  • Access to exhibitions, art galleries and auction houses and introductions to artists
  • Create holding and investment structures for ownership of art assets

Curatorial Services

We preserve and protect works, curate client collections and provide access to specialist genre-specific art advice:

  • Provide guidance on how to best preserve and maintain art collections
  • Apply measures to manage risk and protect the value of art investments
  • Implement clear guidelines for storage, shipping and exhibiting
  • Catalogue, document, restore and value art


We educate our clients on how to support the arts, and transfer art assets to charitable institutions and the next generation:

  • Facilitate and manage introductions to charitable art institutions, Foundations and patronage programs
  • Connect Clients to like-minded collectors and art aficionados
  • Manage relationships with galleries, auction houses and artists
  • Provide advice for structuring, donations and other gifting strategies