Why we do what we do

We established our business to start a new conversation on the provision of advisory services. This conversation is focused solely on the client, their individual needs, and is entirely solution driven.

We provide clients with an environment where they can expect full clarity, mutual trust and the information required to make important decisions. We offer an integrated and coordinated approach, consolidated management and reporting, and a team with a wide-scope of experience, across industries and geographies.

Generation Three is an international multi-family office and solutions provider offering investment, philanthropy, art, trust & fiduciary, lifestyle and business advisory services to individuals, families and private companies. In addition, we work with institutions to help them better engage their clients, through a process of learning and understanding of what is most important to them and how to build stronger and meaningful relationships.

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and timely results predicated on the protection of clients’ assets, the understanding and interpretation of their changing circumstances, and the creation of a framework for governance and decision-making, in an environment of absolute honesty and candour.

Let’s start a new conversation together.